“I Voted” Day


My fellow American, international watcher, and voter,

Within this 24-hour span history will be made. The first Black president could continue his term or the first Mormon president can take office.

It is no longer about the premature press polls full of predictions and random samples. Today it is all about the voter, and that sticker that reminds you that you too are an American.

“I Voted”: simple, sticky, and complicated. It is a sticker that calms the media storm. News outlets stand still as they await the official results of who will take the seat as President of the United States.

It is now in the hands of the voters and I will be watching. Today I will get to cover my favorite part of millennial journalism: the digital sphere.

Working for my school’s newscast, Cronkite news, as we give you the 2-hour live coverage of elections jam packed with poll results, voter talk back, and lots of exclusive interviews from around the state.

Join me as I join you in one collective voice. Follow us on @cronkitenews and us the hashtag #CN2012while staying on our site cronkitenewsonline.com.

I want to engage with the voices that matter. The ones that participated in “I Voted” day. Best of luck.


One Voice,



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