2013 Harbor Lights Festival

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Harbor Light’s Festival usually brings in thousands…but this year around the freezing temperatures brought in a smaller crowd.

During our live interview, the Johnson family told me that the only way they stayed warm was with the Hot Cocoa and a Turkey leg!

Take a look : http://www.kristv.com/videoplayer/?video_id=39901&categories=10,303,307Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.16.08 AM

Robstown Wrongly Disciplines Middle Schoolers Over Dress Code




ROBSTOWN – Stephanie Gonzales says she is representing a group of parents outraged their kids were sent to In School Suspension for wearing skinny jeans.

Gonzales says over 30 kids were sent home by the principal at Seale Junior High School. 

We spoke to the superintendent to get to the bottom of it and this is what she had to say http://bit.ly/1aqzYKL

Waitresses Unhappy With IRS new tip Rule

DARDEN2WASHINGTON, DC – The IRS says starting January 1, 2014 waiters will not receive their tips from parties of 8 or more until they receive their paycheck. Local waitresses are outraged.

Some restaurants across the nation have cut the tip requirement of 18% for parties of 8 or more, entirely. That has waiters afraid people will not tip at all.

Not only are they fearful that tippers won’t tip, but the government will take more from their tips that they do not fully report. Here is more on the story : http://bit.ly/15gM6NQ

8-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Smiles Through the Pain


CORPUS CHRISTI – 8-year-old James Monroy wants other cancer kids to stay in the ring and keep fighting.

Monroy travels from Victoria with his family every two weeks to get his chemotherapy treatment at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with Leukemia last year.

For Childhood Cancer Awareness month we caught up with James to hear what advice he had for other kids in his shoes. Find out what he had to say by watching the full story http://t.co/j1l6Ryu5j2  


Rep. Blake Farenthold Becomes the Focus of Immigration Debate


Immigration Protest Gets Heated

CORPUS CHRISTI – Congress is in recess and the senate bill for immigration reform is stalled.

The house wants to pass a bill of their own and refuses to vote on the senate bill. Representative Blake Farenthold is one the house members who agrees with the house’s decision.

Unfortunately, for some Corpus Christian’s that has them heated. They got in conflict outside of his office with some republican residents. Check out the story.

Victims of Explosion Clinging to Life


SAN ANTONIO – 60 year-old Robert Farley is recovering from burns over 90% of his body. A 25-year-old also is recovering from severe burns.

Officials say around 5:30 a.m. on the 4800 block of Holmes a home exploded. The impact damaged 50 homes and apartments.

Investigators believe natural gas was the culprit but they are still investigating due to the impact of the blast.

Farley was part of a four resident home. Three family members were out on vacation during the blast.

During the blast, Farley was blown from his home to the park across the street. The 25-year-old only remembers smoking a cigarette outside when it happened.

Home Explosion Damages 50 Homes and Apartments (Full Coverage)


CORPUS CHRISTI – Two men are still in critical condition after a home exploded on Holmes street. Around 5:30 a.m. Friday an explosion shook the 4800 block of Holmes.

The home that exploded had a family of four. Officials say three family members were on vacation, but the father of the home was there. He was thrown out into the park across the street when the home exploded.

His next door neighbor was smoking a cigarette at the time. He says that is all he remembers when he was blown into his backyard.

On Friday we had the crew out live for the entire newscast. Watch our full coverage, my live shot from inside the burned home, my day two coverage, and follow the story with me. Click on the Holmes Explosion tab for the full coverage.


Happy Juneteenth!


Corpus Christi – I had the honor of being the mistress of ceremony for the Black Chamber of Commerce’s biggest Juneteenth event-the banquet.

Sunday evening I joined an original Tuskegee airman in inspiring our elders and next generation. Local African American high school students and local protectors and defenders were all awarded.

The highlight of the evening was of course the original Tuskegee Airman, Walter H. Richardson. He said the 11th commandment was to never quit. He also said to keep your bags packed because you never know when the door of opportunity will open.

Enjoy the official holiday today and remember to be all you can be. Checkout photos from the event in the “Community Service” Section.

Latino Youth Make Immigration Reform Social Media Movement

World Wide Web – Yes, you read the location correctly. Latino youth create an online movement for immigration reform by breaking records.

They created an alliance with the likes of Condeleeza Rice, Russell Simmons, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Arnold Schwarzenneger, just to name a few. They launched on May 22 & 23 where they introduced the hashtag movement #iMarch.

For two days last week they hosted google hangouts by celebrities and politicians that shared their support in passing immigration reform.

The initial launch was to put pressure on lawmakers to pass the reform bill. They are asking participants in the march to tweet or write their local senators in support. To learn more about the movement watch the video or follow this link :http://www.marchforinnovation.com

Immigration Reform Hearing: Digitally tracking Immigrants

WASHINGTON, DC – As the Gang of Eight finishes up their hearings about the immigration reform bill in the Senate, there is one topic that has ruffled a little bit of feathers: biometrics.

Biometrics definition: “the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity”-Merriam Websters dictionary.

According to the reform bill those who are here illegally before January 2011 will be able to stay and work toward becoming legal citizens. For some senators they feel allowing 11 million people to work toward it is dangerous without tracking them.

Thus, the emergence of the idea of fingerprinting every foreigner so that the government can track them. More info on biometric debate : http://usat.ly/10mRe1u

Today the Senate is hearing from witnesses who are familiar with the use of biometrics. Listen in: http://science.house.gov/hearing/subcommittee-research-and-subcommittee-technology-joint-hearing-current-and-future .


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